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Howdy partners!

Write,Send or Message me some games that i can walkthrough with!

Then i will submit it for you...

I don't post game walkthroughs like Madness Premeditation

Thank you and good luck!

Here are the walkthrough in Riddle School:

1. Get the sharpener
2. Go east,pick up the hall pass beside the fountain in the east
3. Then go to Ms. Cophey's room
4. Get the feather duster in the trash
5. Get out of the room and go to janitor's closet
6. Click the feather duster then go south
7. Press EAST two times
8. Click the Hall Pass when you see Richy
9. Press EAST again two times
10. Click the dollar
11. Follow these:
-The first sentence(I need to talk to the principal)
-Then the second sentence(I want to tell him a joke)
12. Now press WEST seven times
13. Then you WIN!!!